We increase the amount of capital going to women entrepreneurs and gender balanced teams by expanding the number of women and men who invest in private companies. We engage women and men as investors in a fresh and unique way that brings value both financial and beyond. We are interconnected and creating a multiplier effect for better outcomes.
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Plum Alley Investments is a private membership that gives you access to direct capital in a new way. Members have access to invest in the most promising women entrepreneurs and gender diverse teams while engaging in interactive experiences around innovation and investing.


We believe investing is more rewarding when we activate all forms of capital - financial, intellectual, relationship and social. We infuse this philosophy in all aspects of our member experience. What is returned is both financial and beyond. Highlights of our unique approach:

We do the heavy lifting to source and vet the most promising private investment opportunities, drawing on our vast network in the venture and start-up worlds

We form and manage Plum Alley syndicates so members can pool their money for greater impact

We offer inspirational and powerful experiences around innovation and investing through a combination of offline and online offerings

We strengthen the relationship capital of our members giving you a seat at the table with other women and men who are executives and leaders across industries

A way to lead others and have purpose in building and directing your capital

Featured Plum Alley Syndicates

Biotechnology company generating living bone grafts using individuals' own cells

Online marketplace connecting users with private investigators

Silicon Valley based enterprise software company tackling bias in hiring and HR

Educational tech company transforming learning for kids

All members of Plum Alley receive the following:

Private Showcases

Meet inspiring founders pre-selected by Plum Alley and hear from venture and industry experts who help bring to light the companies’ potential for innovation and financial return.


Invest in pre-selected private companies alongside other members through Plum Alley managed syndicates. Plum Alley assembles company information on private member site and hosts discussions with key stakeholders to streamline the investing experience.


Be on the forefront of innovation and investing through Plum Alley’s salons and original content. We lead real conversations and share expert insights through a mix of thought provoking, inspirational, and educational experiences.

Membership Offerings
Game Changer

Prominent Leader and Current/Former Executive Committed to Building an Inclusive Ecosystem

Experience Includes
  • All Active Investor benefits

    Opportunity to anchor and invest in unlimited syndicates

    Priority invite to InsideView™ , and periodic private gatherings with other game changers & entrepreneurs

    One additional membership for a family member (daughter, son) or mentee

    Public recognition as Game Changer, select press and speaking opportunities

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Active Investor

Investor Building a Portfolio for Financial and Personal Return, Champion for Entrepreneurs

Experience Includes
  • All Member benefits

    Opportunity to build a portfolio and invest in multiple syndicates

    Option to invest in multiple syndicates

    Invite to inaugural InsideView™ , an interactive experience that puts members at the forefront of investing and innovation with leading Fortune 500 companies

    Build relationships with investors and executives outside your industry

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Emerging Investor, Entrepreneur, Supporter

Experience Includes
  • Attend showcases & salons, access member only site featuring insights, videos, and vetted companies

    Opportunity to invest up to $10,000

    Network with investors & entrepreneurs

    Build knowledge around innovation & investing

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Plum Alley partners with select corporations and VCs. If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner or ecosystem collaborator, reach out to us here


Mary Byron

"I joined Plum Alley because they curate opportunities and create investments in forward looking companies that are changing the world in a positive way. I would not have had the opportunity to invest in Unitive without the access Plum Alley provides"

Divya Mathur

“I want to invest in companies that will be successful and that advance my values and beliefs, which is what Plum Alley Investments gives me the opportunity to do.”

Melinda Wolfe

“After years as an executive in the media industry, I now want to use my financial resources and expertise to support up and coming women who have the courage and ingenuity to start and build strong businesses.”

Who we are

Plum Alley Investments is founded by credible, accomplished financial leaders with deep expertise in investing in private companies and engaging investors in a new way.

Meet our founders »
Plum Alley Investments solves two problems with one solution.

Women entrepreneurs need capital. In 2014 84% of companies funded by the top 15 VC firms had all male founders, only 4% had female founders. Only 4% of small business loans go to women entrepreneurs.

Women investors have capital on the sidelines to invest. Women control $11.2 trillion of investable assets yet as much as $500 billion is not invested. Research shows women are looking to invest in new ways.

We bring distinct value to our entrepreneurs

"Deborah and Andrea are so well connected, and I’ve gotten many great leads from their network, and in a sense they are pre-qualified because they introduce me to people who share my company’s mission. It is a dynamic I haven’t experienced before."

Laura Mather, PhD | Founder and CEO, Unitive

"We’ve been so impressed to work with Plum Alley. The syndicate investors and team have made this such a wonderful process. Danny and I comment to everyone how wonderful it has been to work with you all and Plum Alley and I know this is just the beginning".

Jen Mellon | Founder and CRO, Trustify

Our Investment focus

Diversity - Gender diverse founding teams or in the C-suite with significant equity stake
Innovation - Companies that should exist in the world because their product, service or culture is designed with a unique or new lens and makes a positive contribution
Growth/Traction - Live product with revenue production, milestones, sales, and an established track record
Financing - Series A financing with lead investor secured, late seed financing will be considered on a select basis; Raising $3-10mm in equity financing priced round (will consider convertible note financing on a select basis for certain industries like biomedicine companies with clear traction)
Industries - Our focus is always evolving but today we are interested in consumer, enterprise, education, healthcare, marketplaces, media, technology and wearable tech.

Plum Alley is genuinely committed to growing our ecosystem of female and gender diverse team founders, and hearing from companies driving meaningful change and innovation within their industries. Reach out to us below to refer a company, or tell us more about your own.

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Contact Plum Alley Investments with inquiries at 347.348.7901 or info@plumalley.co or provide your contact information, and we’ll reach out to you.

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