Plum Alley Investments offers new and seasoned investors the way to invest in outstanding companies led by women entrepreneurs and gender diverse teams.

We are all investors - embrace your gifts and unleash your talent.

Simply put, we are women and men who are looking to own our identities as investors in a new way.

Some of us are active investors looking for smarter opportunities. Some of us may not consider ourselves “investors”, but we are. If you are saving for retirement, own a home or have a savings account, you are putting assets away for a return. If you employ a firm, financial advisor or wealth advisor you are still an investor, you are just delegating the decisions.

We believe all of us can make meaningful contributions as investors. Most women and men have relevant experience and judgment to look at a company with a product they understand or in a sector they know. That background and insight is valuable particularly when investing in early stage and growth companies.


Women entrepreneurs need capital. In 2014 84% of companies funded by the top 15 VC firms had all male founders, only 4% had female founders. Only 4% of small business loans go to women entrepreneurs.

Women investors have capital on the sidelines to invest. Women control $11.2 trillion of investable assets yet as much as $500 billion is not invested. Research shows women are looking to invest in new ways.

Plum Alley Investments is a private investment platform offering members new opportunities to find, consider and invest in select companies led by women entrepreneurs and gender diverse teams. One of the unique features of our platform is that we identify for you the ways a company adds value to women or our society. By highlighting this we offer you the opportunity to invest in companies that align with your values so you can make a financial return as well as a personal return. Investing is powerful as it drives the impact you want to see.

Our Private Investment Platform

Members will have exclusive access to investment opportunities. We will offer carefully crafted investments that our members have expressed interest in – debt, equity, and hybrid options. Every company on our platform will have women in the founding team and we will highlight the innovations they are making with products, company culture or executive leadership.

Sourcing & screening
We do the hard work of finding and vetting companies so you don't have to.
Custom investments
We craft debt, equity, and hybrid investment opportunities exciting to both new and experienced investors.
All in one place
Access new offerings, manage your portfolio, and learn about investing easily and all from one dashboard.

Plum Alley Investments offers its members the ability to learn the framework of investing from seasoned professionals and to make investments on our platform. Utilize our investor insights, inside-looks into the lives of entrepreneurs, and company profiles to grow your investing knowledge and make educated, personalized investments of your own.

select companies founded by women and gender diverse teams
through insights from seasoned investors and industry leaders
member-only Showcases in-person and online
access to proprietary, custom made investment opportunities
Your annual fee of $1000 allows you access to all of the above benefits. Investments are optional and will be separate from your annual fee.

If you want to do something that matters, make the world more just, and unleash economic opportunity for more, Plum Alley Investments offers you a unique way to achieve just that.

What we offer to our members does not exist in the market today. It requires an intersection of many rare qualifiers, all of which we have.
Deal Flow
Access to the right relationships and early stage companies
Expertise in crafting financial opportunities that meet emerging demand
Women As Investors
Keen awareness of what women want to achieve with their wealth
We believe investors make the best decisions when investments are transparent and understandable
Plum Alley Investments is brought to you by a team with deep industry expertise in finance and entrepreneurship at the intersection of championing women entrepreneurs and investors.
Deborah Jackson
Deborah is an entrepreneur, early-stage investor and former investment banker. Before founding Plum Alley, she spent two decades working with clients to raise capital in the public and private markets. She has personally invested in companies at the intersection of technology and the transformation of business. She is a fierce advocate for women building and using technology. Her company was founded to further her interests in technology and to champion women entrepreneurs.
Andrea Turner Moffitt
Andrea is an entrepreneur and leading expert on women investors. In 2015, she published her book Harness the Power of the Purse: Winning Women Investors, the culmination of two years of research and advisory work in the wealth management industry. As a former investment banker and hedge fund analyst, she has nearly a decade of experience on Wall Street structuring investment products. She founded her company Wealthrive to champion women investors.

Plum Alley Investments is brought to you by Plum Alley. Since its founding in 2012, Plum Alley has offered tangible opportunities to advance promising women entrepreneurs through our platform. Starting with an e-commerce solution, we helped over 125 female founders with product-based companies increase their sales. We grew our technology platform to enable women and diverse teams to raise money with product orders and non-equity funds for their companies. Through Plum Alley's crowdfunding platform, over 4,600 women and men have either backed a female founder through a crowdfunding campaign or purchased goods in support of those companies.

Plum Alley has teamed up with Wealthrive to launch Plum Alley Investments. Since launching in 2013, Wealthrive has offered experiential learning through weekly content and in-person sessions reaching hundreds of women across the country. Wealthrive also designed a custom framework for demystifying investing and established a community of women dedicated to investing for return and impact.


Plum Alley Investments and its team have been featured across numerous outlets including:

We are in the business of getting capital to outstanding companies founded by female entrepreneurs and gender diverse teams. If you need capital, please fill out our short application below, it should take you roughly fifteen minutes. We will be reviewing applications and your company may be selected to be showcased on our site or at events, included in financial offerings, featured in our custom content, and more.

Entrepreneur Benefits

We bring distinct value to entrepreneurs in the following ways:

Access to Capital
Access capital and be considered for future Plum Alley investments
Customer Product Feedback
Test your product and get feedback from customers
Exposure to Investors
Share you vision with a base of Plum Alley Investment members interested in investing
Access to Crowdfunding
Assistance with non-equity crowdfunding as an option
Inclusion in Financing Opportunities
Be considered for inclusion in future financing opportunities on our investment platform

Showcase and Future Investment Opportunities

One of the benefits we offer entrepreneurs is the ability to be introduced to our impressive members and gain access to capital. This can happen at our in-person Showcase or through our online platform. Our first Showcase was held November 2015. Our next Showcase will be held Spring 2016 in New York – stay tuned for details. Selected companies will have an opportunity to present, meet members of Plum Alley Investments interested in investing, and be considered for our investment opportunities offered to members.

Are you a founder interested in applying?

Gender Diversity – companies that have women in the founding team or in the C-suite
Company Stage – 1. established companies that need growth capital with a clear business model and strong revenues or 2. early stage companies offering a product or service with paying customers
Market Opportunity – companies that consider women an important customer
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