Brilliant products and companies are built by audacious founders who dare. We open the aperture for more founders and investors to create, invest and direct our future.
We believe in the possibilities. Talent and drive exist in all corners of the population. We want progress and prosperity. Atypical thinking leads to new discoveries. We are optimistic.
$80 Million
invested in 32 companies with member investors and Plum Alley Venture Fund I.

Why do we exist?

We exist to bring about change. We want to see major human and environmental challenges addressed by defining solutions that leverage the most promising technological advances of our time.
We exist to direct investment to the innovations we want to use and see in the world. We are motivated to improve our lives and the lives of others.
We exist to make sure exceptional founders no matter their gender, race or background have adequate capital to succeed.
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What we offer investors

Investors, be they individuals, family offices or institutions. are often looking to diversify their investment portfolios beyond public equities, real estate and other asset classes, Diversification is a key factor for success in investing. The data shows over time venture outperforms other asset classes and has been the source of great wealth creation for early technology investors. It makes sense that investors of all types want an allocation in venture especially given the technological revolution that is happening now. With the computational ability, massive data generated, storage and convergence of new hardware and machine intelligence, this is an extraordinary time to participate as a venture investor.

Investors can engage and invest in three ways:
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to see the investment opportunities we select so you can decide if you want to invest or not. Our team considers hundreds of opportunities every month. We curate opportunities so you don't have to. Our team prepares a professional investment analysis and we moderate a lively session with the founder either in-person or remote. We form an SPV of all the investors to pool the money for special rights and economic muscle.

Targeted Venture Funds

Investors can invest as an Limited Partner in a dedicated sector focused Fund. Each Fund will be operated by Plum Alley Ventures Company with a domain expert General Partner in a sector or technology. Information about Plum Alley Green Wave Capital can be found in the funds tab.

Plum Alley Ventures Company

is the operating company for Funds created in 2024 and beyond. PAVC supports fund General Partners in substantive ways such as participation on the investment committee, anchor or other LPs, fund management operations and infrastructure, deal flow, and our AI and exit expert advisors. Companies from each fund that show strong potential will qualify for next stage funding in a growth fund.
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