We invest in forward leaning technology and healthcare companies that will improve our lives and the planet.

Who We Are

Headquartered in NYC, with an office in SF, Plum Alley is a venture platform offering investment opportunities to individuals, entities, family offices and others with syndicates/SPVs and Plum Alley’s Venture Fund.

We invest in advanced technology and healthcare companies at the Series A and B that will improve our lives and the planet. Our founders are technologists of the highest caliber, and we require our portfolio companies to have at least one woman in the founding team.

Our members are a diverse group of investors including executives, operators and family offices who are uniquely capable of adding value for founders with their relationships and expertise across industries.

Portfolio Companies

We invest in companies with advanced technologies or medical breakthroughs at scale to benefit humanity and the planet.

Here is the data on our companies and portfolio:
100% in STEM fields with at least one female founder
70% technology and 30% healthcare
65% Series A and 25% Series B stage
Average investment size from the firm as a whole is typically $1M to $3M.
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Technology and health advances will dominate our economy, our lives and our future. Plum Alley is committed to building an inclusive ecosystem of investors and influencers who can shape the future through the ways they direct their capital towards innovative companies solving some of the most challenging problems of our time. We believe companies tapping diversity of thought in how they innovate and make decisions will drive better outcomes. And, we look for companies that utilize multiple technologies to bring exponential value to markets. Here are a few sectors that are especially interesting to us.

  • Smart Hardware & Intelligent Machines
  • Connected Networks
  • Agriculture Technology and the Future of Food
  • Automation & Mobility
  • Safety & Security
  • Digital Health
  • Longevity & Frontier Healthcare


Our approach is rigorous and thoughtful. We source companies for investment and bring thought leadership and community to Plum Alley investors. Our internal team has decades of experience as founders, operators, and investors. Collectively, we are able to have greater impact as we tap our investor community of industry leaders and technology advisors to help founders achieve greater success.
We offer individuals, families, and institutions two ways to engage with us.
   Join us to have access to Plum Alley syndicates and to keep up with innovation and venture investing through our curated Inside View sessions on timely and relevant topics. Invest in highly selective private companies through Plum Alley managed syndicates which pool capital where investors decide which companies and how much to invest.
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Invest in a diversified portfolio as a Limited Partner. This provides automatic exposure to Plum Alley’s entire portfolio of investments and our curated Inside View sessions.
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Plum Alley adds extraordinary value to our founders, investors and the venture ecosystem. Here's what some of our founders and investors are saying.

“Plum Alley has opened many doors, introducing us to CEOs and Board Members of prominent public companies, securing a spot at Talks at Goldman Sachs (300k+ viewers), and connecting us to strategic partners. Plum Alley is a trusted advisor. They are unique in the ecosystem for the breadth of the resources and relationships they make available to growing companies.”

- Davida Herzl
Founder & CEO
"I look to Plum Alley to identify the best opportunities in early stage tech companies with women in the STEM fields. I want to be part of strengthening the economy and aligning my investments with my values."

- Diana Taylor

Corporate Director Citigroup,

Brookfield Asset Management,

Mayo Clinic

“We met Plum Alley when they brought their investors to the UC Berkeley Innovative Genomics Institute, which is lead by our co-founder, Dr Jennifer Doudna. They have been valuable investors supporting us on our next round and bringing us to meet with institutions and partners in NYC.”

- Trevor Martin
Founder & CEO
Mammoth Biosciences
“It’s been a pleasure partnering with Plum Alley to invest in some of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. They are incredibly supportive of entrepreneurs, bring an outside Silicon Valley perspective to investing and have a strong network of relationships worldwide.”

- Jay Zaveri
Social Capital
“As a company based in Sweden and breaking into the U.S. market, Plum Alley was behind us bringing our electric and driverless Pod to the premier Future of Cities event in Atlanta. Their guidance in navigating the field and forging new relationships has been incredibly valuable.”

- Linnea Kornehed
Co-Founder & CMO
“As an executive in a large global corporation and as a Director of a public company, I need to stay abreast of next generation technologies. Plum Alley provides me with a bird's eye view into deep tech and the chance to invest in extraordinary opportunities. I have access I would not have otherwise.“

- Leigh Anne Baker
SR Corp VP Cargill
Corporate Director ABM


EINRIDE launches commercial pilot of driverless electric pods with Coca-Cola Europe Partners
ACLIMA maps impact of COVID on air pollution through their global partnership with Google street view cars
VITAL VIO partners with Delta Airlines to bring bacteria fighting lights to planes
EVRNU recycled fabrics announces partnership with Stella McCartney
Mammoth Biosciences partners with GSK for CRISPR testing for COVID-19
BITWISE INDUSTRIES turned Fresno into a thriving tech hub
TINKERGARTEN receives $21 million from Jeffrey Katzenberg’s WndrCo
KETOS This startup seeks to identify water problems before they become crises
EPIBONE receives FDA clearance First-In-Human, Phase 1/2 Trial of bone product


“Our team brings diverse perspectives with decades of experience as founders, operators, and investors.”

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