Shape the world. Embrace the joy and power of investing.
Invest with us in the future and the companies creating it. We offer our members select opportunities to invest in private companies along with custom experiences both on-line and off-line to collaborate, imagine and transform the world. What is returned to our members is both financial and beyond. We proudly support women entrepreneurs and gender-balanced teams building innovative and purpose-driven companies.

The Plum Alley Way: A New Experience
In Directing Capital To Shape The World

Plum Alley Investments is a private membership that gives you access to influence innovation and shape the future by investing in private companies led by women and gender diverse teams. Highlights of our unique approach:

We source and vet the most promising private investment opportunities to make it easier for you.

We offer inside access to invest in private companies on both a debt and equity basis that are not widely available to the public.

We help you think about big issues like risk, impact and trends in innovation.

We introduce you to a broader community of investors and innovators.

We form syndicates so your money has more impact as it is pooled with others.

Successful Investment

What members are saying:

It is an honor to now be in a community with so many women investors committed to supporting and championing Unitive–a truly amazing company.”

“Gender matters, money matters, and how we leverage our voices makes all the difference!”

“To be part of the Plum Alley syndicate and back such an experienced, compelling female entrepreneur with a disruptive solution to tackle the ‘bias’ problem couldn’t have checked any more boxes.”

Members of Plum Alley Investments have access to all of the following:

Investment Opportunities

Access highly selective investment opportunities in the member-only section of our site with content from founders, seasoned investors, and other members

Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversify your portfolio with equity, debt and hybrid investments in private companies across a broad range of industries often investing alongside institutional investors

Private Showcases

Attend our member-only sessions to meet pre-screened entrepreneurs and hear from experts and members on deploying capital for return and impact

Insights & Inspiration

Read our Plum Alley insights and participate in private gatherings to discuss innovation and building the future

Your annual fee of $1,000 provides you access to all of the above benefits. Investments are optional and will be separate from your annual fee.

Join Us In Changing The World

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Plum Alley was founded in 2012 by Deborah Jackson because of her deep desire to see women have a bigger role in founding the companies of the future. After a career of over two decades raising capital for organizations in the public and private markets, she became a champion for women entrepreneurs as a mentor, advisor and investor in numerous companies.

As it became clear to her that more was needed, Deborah became an entrepreneur herself and invested both her time and money to build a company with a clear purpose. Plum Alley has benefitted hundreds of women-founded and gender balanced companies because of its focus on the economics--more sales revenue from e-commerce, non-equity crowdfunding seed money for projects, and now with Plum Alley Investments which gives a broader base of individuals access to invest directly in promising companies.

For several years, Andrea Turner Moffitt has been championing women investors through her research, entrepreneurial venture and thought leadership in the financial services industry. Andrea partnered with a think-tank to conduct a global study on women investors and founded her own company Wealthrive, which offered experiential learning for women investors. In 2015, Andrea’s research culminated in her book “Harness the Power of the Purse: Winning Women Investors”. One of the conclusions of her book is that women are seeking new opportunities to invest in ways that align meaning and purpose with a particular interest in women entrepreneurs. Plum Alley Investments was founded to do just that.

Deborah and Andrea teamed up to co-found Plum Alley Investments in 2015. Their unique experience and expertise has enabled them to create a different and more relevant way for women and men to invest. Their approach is both novel and powerful because it brings in elements of purpose, business acumen, innovation and joy in investing in companies that are poised to create financial and other returns.

Deborah Jackson
Deborah spent over two decades as an investment banker before becoming an entrepreneur. In the late 1990's, her clients were health care technology companies and internet companies raising capital in the public and private markets. Before founding Plum Alley, she invested in early stage internet and tech companies along with funds that support promising entrepreneurs, and especially women. She co-founded a mobile tech accelerator in 2010, has spoken at venture events, judged competitions and been a guest speaker at several universities. She has held Board positions on numerous non-profit and civic organizations and received numerous awards for her work.
Andrea Turner Moffitt
Andrea is an entrepreneur and leading expert on women investors. In 2015, she published her book Harness the Power of the Purse: Winning Women Investors, based on two years of research and her advisory work in the wealth management industry. As a former investment banker and hedge fund analyst, she has nearly a decade of experience structuring investment products. She founded her company Wealthrive to champion women investors. Turner Moffitt is Co-chair of Columbia Business School's Social Enterprise Alumni Circle, a board member of Newcomb College Institute, and a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
What we offer to our members does not exist in the market today. It requires an intersection of many rare qualifiers, all of which we have.
Deal Flow
Access to the right relationships and early stage companies
Expertise in crafting financial opportunities that meet emerging demand
Women As Investors
Keen awareness of what women want to achieve with their wealth
We believe investors make the best decisions when investments are transparent and understandable

Our Members

Plum Alley Investments members come from an array of industries and represent a growing community of accomplished men and women. See what a few of them have to say:

Mary Byron

“I joined Plum Alley Investments because they curate opportunities and create investments in forward looking companies that are changing the world in a positive way. I would not have had the opportunity to invest in Unitive without the access Plum Alley provides.”

Melinda Wolfe

“Learning is a life long process and I am eager to know more about innovations that are at the heart of investing opportunities. I want to invest in women entrepreneurs as part of my portfolio. Plum Alley offers a framework and a curated collection of companies for me to make investments that count.”

Divya Mathur

“I want to invest in companies that will be successful and that advance my values and beliefs, which is what Plum Alley Investments gives me the opportunity to do.”

Melinda Wolfe

“After years as an executive in the media industry, I now want to use my financial resources and expertise to support up and coming women who have the courage and ingenuity to start and build strong businesses.”

Plum Alley Investments solves two problems with one solution.

Women entrepreneurs need capital. In 2014 84% of companies funded by the top 15 VC firms had all male founders, only 4% had female founders. Only 4% of small business loans go to women entrepreneurs.

Women investors have capital on the sidelines to invest. Women control $11.2 trillion of investable assets yet as much as $500 billion is not invested. Research shows women are looking to invest in new ways.

We are all investors - embrace your gifts and unleash your talent.

Simply put, we are women and men who are looking to own our identities as investors in a new way.

We believe all of us can make meaningful contributions as investors. Most women and men have relevant experience and judgment to look at a company with a product they understand or in a sector they know. That background and insight is valuable particularly when investing in early stage and growth companies.

We bring distinct value to entrepreneurs in the following ways:

Access to Capital
Customer Product Feedback
Exposure to Investors
Access to
Non-Equity Crowdfunding
Inclusion in Financing Opportunities

Are you a founder interested in applying?

Gender Diversity – companies that have women in the founding team or in the C-suite
Company Stage – 1. established companies that need growth capital with a clear business model and strong revenues or 2. early stage companies offering a product or service with paying customers
Company Value: companies that make a positive contribution to the world with their product, services or culture

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