Past / Future

With our historic performance record, we are boldly stepping into the future. Plum Alley Inc. was founded in 2011 to open the aperture for women entrepreneurs by increasing access to funding.

In 2017, Plum Alley amplified its direction by creating access for more investors to invest capital in women founders in the STEM fields.

In 2024, we introduced Plum Alley Ventures Company to move from incremental to exponential change by expanding our platform to include domain expert venture fund managers across our sector and stage oriented funds.

Join us, engage with us and invest with us.

We support the unique needs of investor categories across family offices, institutions and individuals.
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Why invest in technological innovation now?

It is a time where we can’t know exactly what lies ahead with the experiments and discoveries that are happening in labs and start-up offices. Is this the time to stay on the sidelines with investing? We don’t believe so. In fact, the opposite. This is a time of embrace and participate in change and invest accordingly. Especially when the venture market has moved to business fundamentals and realistic and supportable valuations.

Super powers happening

If we look at the history of technological advances in areas like hardware, software, computing, data and medical discoveries over the last 10 years, it is nothing short of miraculous. The record shows the evidence of monumental change and wealth creation. The next wave of the technological revolution is underway now with the combining of multiple new technologies into one product or application with super powers. This brings a profound opportunity for investors and founders.

Necessary, necessary and necessary

New technologies and inventions are necessary for our health, the environment, the economy and to help us maintain our security and competitiveness on a global basis. In a few words, Innovation is fundamental to peace and prosperity. Invest for returns and invest in what matters most.

There is no time like the present...

Venture is like other asset classes. It is subject to macro factors and inflows and outflows of capital. But invention never stops and will always be important. Strong companies and hot new technologies get funded in any market because investors believe there is sufficient value creation and financial upside. In slow or down markets, founders and investors prioritize business fundamentals which often results in attractive investment opportunities. There will be strong companies and well-priced opportunities in any market so it is important to stay in the flow so as not to miss the super stars.

Diversification is the rule for success

Diversification is fundamental for strong financial returns. Portfolios consisting of public equity, fixed income, real estate and other common assets, stand to benefit from a balanced allocation to venture because it historically has outperformed other asset classes. Given the importance of tech innovation, early stage companies open the door to the next wave of wealth creation.

Solving pain points

Our domain expertise includes investing $80+million in frontier tech and medical breakthroughs for the last decade. We like the bold and transformative technologies, founders and companies that show extreme promise and business fundamentals and that tap the full talent of women and gender diverse teams from any background.

Plum Alley Ventures Company is an operating company that facilitates smart investment in forward leaning technologies for humans, industry and the planet. Diversification is the key to managing risk in new technologies, and we have a way for investors to get full diversification across technologies, funds and expert managers. We have an improved way for founders and companies that meet rigorous criteria to get ongoing investment as they meet milestones. We solve the pain points for investors and venture fund managers. Learn more.

Successful venture investors have a mojo.

They thrive on discoveries and manage risk. They understand setbacks. Experiments are for learning and fundamental to progress. This is as true in a chemistry lab as it is in building an undetected lightweight drone. Venture investors enjoy learning new things, what if scenarios and and think bigger mantras.

No one size fits all.

If you see our vision and want a professional way to invest, please join us. We offer different options given individual circumstances. You can invest in a single company with our managed syndicates of investors or in a fund with a domain expert in that technology or sector. We have a new operating company for full diversification across technologies and stages.

Our focus.

We focus on, and have for the last 10+ years, on the technologies that hold true promise and with brilliant women founders and founding teams of men and women who have the powerful expertise and skills to bring a company, not just a product, to success.

Human centered investment is what we do.

We focus on the humans --the founders, the investors and what the company does to make humans healthier, happier and secure.