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Plum Alley Ventures Company

We are on the precipice of another technology revolution and this time calls for change in the venture industry itself. Plum Alley Ventures Company, "PAVC" does that by opening the aperture so more people can decide what and who gets funded and can have the resulting wealth creation that comes from our collective power and investment.

While operating companies are used in other industries, we saw a powerful and innovative way to use an operating company to alleviate many stress points and fix existing fault lines in the venture industry for greater success. Plum Alley Ventures Company, new in 2024, is an operating company that was custom built to bring greater talent, investment and success to innovation as the most important driver of our economy, global competitiveness and quality of human life.

PAVC, our operating company, is a synergistic and integrated ecosystem and was created to:

1. Deliver more capital to exceptional founders with technological solutions

2. Provide adequate support that is much needed for venture fund managers with deep domain expertise so they can thrive and outperform.

3. Strong diversification to investors across technology, funds, and stage to minimize risk for higher return.

Plum Alley Ventures Company is laser focused on moving from incremental to exponential change in venture for better outcomes for all stakeholders.
PAVC ignites change to the status quo with a focus on success at scale. Here is how PAVC brings value to all stakeholders.:

Technology advances open whole new sectors and industries. It is impossible to know upfront which technologies will come of age, flourish and in what timeframe. Therefore, many investors are looking for diversification across new technologies. By investing in PAVC, investors get broad diversification across technologies, fund managers and sector focus. PAVC also offers a way for early cash returns with our multiple revenue streams. These benefits offset the unknown aspects of venture investing.

Fund Managers/General Partners

Being a solo, small, or first-time fund manager is lonely and hard. First time fund managers generally have no income until the fund is raised which may take a year or two. PAVC was built to fix the impediments for new domain expert fund managers. PAVC pays the salary and provides a host of support and services to fund managers ranging from participating on the investment committee, bringing in an anchor LP, providing fund management operations and infrastructure, deal flow, and our AI and exit experts. We provide multi-stage investment to “riser” companies along the path to IPO or exit.


PAVC supports the companies in its portfolio and funds by providing a source of next round capital for strong companies. Founders and fund managers have access to our experts in areas such as AI, growth strategy, manufacturing, IPO preparation and more.

For everyone

What we invest in creates our future. Plum Alley and PAVC have a commitment to direct capital to companies that matter and improve our lives, industries and the planet. By opening the aperture for more people with bold ideas and investment, we look to reach essential goals such as cleaning and protecting the environment, high quality and accessible nutrition and the eradication of many diseases. With technological prowess, using the talent of both women and men and directing our massive resources with PAVC, this and more can become a reality.

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