Use your agency, Invest for you and others.

This is a rare time with profound change as new technologies mature and are added to other technologies for exponential value. The possibilities and potential are limitless. With our focus on business fundamentals and supportable valuations, this is an opportune time to balance investments in legacy industries, public securities and other assets. It is not the time to step back but rather the time to participate and invest in an optimal way for you. Investors have different priorities, interests and resources so we offer three ways to optimize your time and investment.

Member Investors

Accredited individuals can invest in highly selective private companies through Plum Alley-managed syndicates, pooling the money for special rights and economic muscle.

Our team considers hundreds of opportunities every month. We curate opportunities so you don't have to. Our team prepares a professional investment analysis and we moderate a lively session with the founder either in-person or remote.
Investors decide which companies and how much to invest - and they are on an opt-in basis. You can engage in multiple ways.

Equity Investors

Investors who want to drive exponential progress by investing at a top co-level to launch sector-focused funds with women GPs of all races and backgrounds. Investors in PAVC will have diversification with return potential from different technology sectors and stages of funding to minimize risk and maximize return. 

LP investors

Investors with a stage and sector-specific focus, and want to support emerging GPs powered by the Plum Alley platform, infrastructure & investing acumen.

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