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Deborah Personal Photo

Deborah Jackson

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Founding Partner, PA Ventures Company
Founder and CEO, Plum Alley Inc.
General Partner, PA Venture Fund I.

Optimist. Investor. Learner. Visionary.
Avantika Personal Photo

Avantika Daing

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Founding Partner, PA Ventures Company
Managing Partner, Plum Alley, Inc.
General Partner, PA Fund I

Venture Investor. General Partner. Founder IPO Exit. Growth Specialist. Global Reach.
Liz Personal Photo

Liz Walsh

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Managing Director, PA Ventures Company

Marketing Expert. Scaler. Investor. Startup Advisor.
Sunil Personal Photo

Sunil Rao

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COO, SVP Finance, PA Ventures Company

Operator. Investor. P2P Specialist. Strategy Execution. Performance Coach. Banker.
Ben Personal Photo

Ben Robbins

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Senior Associate, PA Ventures Company

Venture Investor. Analyzer. Deep Diver.
Alicia Personal Photo

Alicia Zheng

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Associate, PA Ventures Company

Pseudo-scientist. Food Enthusiast. Explorer.
Pratibha Personal Photo

Pratibha Vuppuluri

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General Partner, PA Green Wave Capital

Investment Banker. Operator. Climate Tech Investor.