Meet the Portfolio.

Mammoth Biosciences
Mammoth Biosciences is pioneering CRISPR technology. With a distinguished team full of deep technical expertise, including CRISPR co-inventor and Nobel Laureate Dr. Jennifer Doudna, Mammoth is working to permanently cure genetic diseases with one-time in vivo delivery of CRISPR therapeutics. While legacy CRISPR systems exceed payload restrictions, Mammoth Biosciences is creating proprietary next-generation CRISPR systems, which are smaller, have a higher fidelity, greater multiplexing potential, and can enable genome editing results that might not be possible with other Cas systems. Mammoth Biosciences has made significant progress in commercializing its CRISPR platform, including two therapeutic partnerships with major pharma players Bayer and Vertex totaling over 1.6 billion in potential revenue for the Company.
Einride is the world's first autonomous fully electric freight transportation (AET) solution with commercial operations since April 2018. They are disrupting the supply chain and logistics for multinational corporations in the U.S. and Europe.
AiFi has invented a proprietary multimodal platform (leveraging computer vision, artificial intelligence, smart sensors, and edge computing) to provide customers and retailers with an autonomous retail experience. AiFi’s automated retail-as-a-service platform is integrated into the existing retail infrastructure.
Juvena Therapeutics
Juvena Therapeutics has created an advanced computational drug discovery and development platform to unlock the therapeutic potential of secreted proteins and accelerate their development into novel therapeutics for multiple rare diseases and to extend healthspans by rejuvenating cells.
InnerPlant is an advanced sensor seed AgTech platform on a mission to transform farming by enabling crops to communicate with growers, creating a more resilient and sustainable farming system. The Company is creating crops that communicate via signaling through fluorescent proteins produced in their leaves to warn farmers of stress caused by fungi, drought, pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies. These signaling proteins convert plants into living sensors that provide early signals for various forms of distress experienced by crops.
Gameto is a biotechnology company using novel cellular reprogramming technology to solve the problem of accelerated ovarian aging to change the trajectory of women's health and longevity, improving women’s life quality and equality, to empower all the women in the world.
Diligent Robotics
Diligent Robotics is a robotics company that specializes in building interactive robots. Diligent's flagship robot Moxi brings a socially intelligent robot into hospitals. The Company has used state-of-the-art design for the Moxi, enabling it to operate in a busy, semi-structured hospital environment. Moxi’s A.I. framework features include social intelligence, mobile manipulation of a compliant arm and hand, and human-guided learning.
One Health
One Health is bringing individualized precision medicine to canine cancer patients, improving care while generating the world’s largest real-world evidence database for canine cancer genomics and unlocking new translational medicine opportunities for human oncology research and development.
Air Protein
Air Protein is a modern meat-analogue company creating air-based meat and protein-enriched food from a closed loop carbon transformation process. They are positioned to be the most delicious, nutritious, cost effective and sustainable meat alternative with a go to market strategy focused first on chicken, followed by seafood, beef and other products.
Ashvattha Therapeutics is creating products that selectively target and treat human diseases. Through their patented hydroxyl dendrimer molecules, Ashvattha can target inflammation-causing macrophages without harming the surrounding cells, leading to greater efficacy than traditional free drug applications.
Biobot Analytics
Biobot Analytics is a market-leading wastewater epidemiology platform providing municipality, community, and building-level health data analytics across COVID-19, influenza, opioids and more.
EpiBone has developed a proprietary system for generating living bone grafts using individuals' own stem cells.
Openwater has developed a low-cost, LiDar-based internal body imaging device with the potential to fundamentally change medicine. At the forefront of medical innovation, Openwater's revolutionary new medical imaging modality uses proprietary opto-electronics, holographic systems and novel lasers, rivaling current medical imaging scanners and standard of care at significantly lower costs. Openwater's unique approach to measuring blood flow allows for a wide range of medical applications.
Helaina is a food science company defining a new category of consumer immunology by engineering and fermenting yeast to grow human milk proteins bringing the immune-benefits of mothers milk to consumer products, starting with infant formula.
KETOS has built a proprietary, first-to-market automated water testing platform that combines an all-in-one, multi-parameter hardware device with an advanced analytics platform capable of measuring quality, quantity and flow of water across industries.
Aclima aims to be the first company to provide a cheaper, faster and better way to monitor air quality at the urban scale using its high-resolution data to help governments, cities, enterprises and citizens drive action. Aclima’s proprietary technology is validated by the EPA as meeting scientific measurement standards, and is able to measure all core greenhouse gases and a suite of other air pollutants at a 100-1000X cost reduction from traditional approaches.
Arix Technologies
Arix Technologies is revolutionizing industrial corrosion management for safety and sustainability with a proprietary robotic inspection solution paired with a robust data analytics platform, paving the way for next generation 'smart industry' and a more sustainable future.
One Concern
One Concern has built a planetary scale resilience platform providing a single point software solution that delivers real-time, actionable insights for decision-makers across public and private entities towards natural disasters.
Evrnu offers a revolutionary new technology and business model that recycles cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable textiles.
ThinkCERCA is a modern, research proven way to teach students in grades 4-12 in math, science, social studies and english language arts. The company gives teachers a technology enabled approach to teach critical thinking through the use of argumentative writing. Teachers save time, track student progress real-time and can personalize instruction. Students have a different and better learning experience.
Mai's AI technology makes any image or video shoppable while offering advertisers higher conversion rates and helping publishers monetize their content.
Bioeclipse Therapeutics
BioEclipse’s breakthrough combination immunotherapy tackles cancer recurrence and drug resistance to potentially deliver curative treatment to many types of cancers.
Vyv offers proprietary continuous-use, non-UV antimicrobial light technology for homes, public places, and industry.
Cordex Systems has designed, manufactured and clinically tested a patented cardiovascular diagnostic tool that measures the health of the endothelial lining, which can be used to detect early signs of heart disease.
As a leader in the AI revolution, Node is at the forefront of becoming the first AI-powered discovery engine that connects people and organizations with opportunity at a massive scale.
Tinkergarten is an early childhood education company that immerses kids in outdoor discovery, critical thinking and creative learning. The founding team has built a technology platform enabling a nationally scalable model utilizing a distributed workforce seeking flexible employment.