At no other time in history has a language been used as widely around the world as English is. From the British Isles, where it first developed, it has now (1)  to the rest of the world. While the level of usage varies within each country, it cannot be (2)  that English plays a (3)   role in the international scene. As English spread out from the British Isles, (4)  it first began to be used, it (5)  into contact with other languages and developed into a number of varieties. Eventually, these varieties were grouped into what is now commonly (6)  to as ‘World Englishes’.

In some places, the English language has changed so much that new words have been coined or old words have taken on new (7)  . Different ideas of what is acceptable or ‘correct’ have also (8)  adopted. In other places, English hasn't changed as much, and the difference is mostly limited to the fact that the English words are spoken (9)  a different accent. 

In the call center industry, it is interesting to (10)  the communication between speakers from different parts of the world as they use different (11)  of English. In some (12) , confusion can lead to either amusement or (13)  depending on the extent of the differences (14)  the speakers. 

Accent is (15)  to be only a (16)  difference by language experts. However, many BPO companies have committed (17)  hours to American accent training, hoping that their US-based customers may respond (18)  positively to representatives with accents similar to their own.

An aspect of communication that (19)  to influence call center transactions a lot is responding appropriately to the feelings, situation and cultural context of the customer. Often, this is more difficult to teach since much of this understanding is (20) on non-verbal features which cannot be seen in phone transactions.