Who We Are

Plum Alley Investments is a private membership platform that gives individuals, families and institutions the opportunity to invest in a new way. We offer members access they cannot get elsewhere: to invest in the most promising women entrepreneurs and gender diverse teams driving brilliant ideas and developing new technologies that can change the world. And, we offer our members highly-interactive experiences and high-level insights so they can truly be informed and personally engaged in directing their investments.


“We believe that venture capital is one of the best ways to have influence and impact in the world. And it’s critical that a broader base of investors, especially women, have a seat at the table in directing capital to the companies driving innovation for our future and solving some of the most challenging problems of our time.”

Plum Alley is committed to building an inclusive ecosystem of investors and influencers who are shaping the future through the ways they direct their capital. We believe that:
  • Women entrepreneurs and gender diverse founding teams are building world class companies that present compelling venture investment opportunities
  • We should tap into the rich insights and perspectives of women and men as we invest for the future
  • A broader base of investors should have access to invest in next generation innovations and participate in the potential wealth creation from the success of those companies

Plum Alley is dedicated to advancing women entrepreneurs and gender balanced teams.


“Plum Alley was founded as a new model. We are not an angel network. Not a fund. We are a solution for individuals, for families, for corporations seeking to invest in companies founded by gender diverse teams that are making a difference in the world.”
This unique model features:
Invest in highly selective private companies at the Series A level through Plum Alley managed syndicates which pool capital for greater collective access and impact.
Go behind-the-scenes of cutting-edge innovation and keep up with private investing thought-leadership through Plum Alley’s Inside View sessions, salons and original offline and online content.
Broaden your relationships in a community of executives, industry leaders, family members and influencers seeking to invest in the ideas and issues that excite and inspire them.

plum alley syndicates

“The companies our members are investing in are solving real problems. They’re taking on climate change and building bone from stem cells. They’re revolutionizing teaching critical thinking in our schools and around the world. Our syndicate companies have a transformative and revolutionary aspect to them. We believe that there is a huge thirst for companies that enhance the human experience and better our planet”

Our Plum Alley Syndicates have already raised nearly $10 million for 11 companies with an average investment size of $750,000 to $1.5 million per company. We curate investments for members with a focus on companies at the Series A level (selectively seed and Series B). We have invested in founders with PhDs, entrepreneurs with exits, technology creators and a Chinese Math Olympian.

Environmental intelligence making the invisible, visible

Biotechnology company generating living bone grafts using individuals' own cells

Online marketplace connecting users with private investigators

Reinventing disinfection with patented LED lighting technology

Cardiovascular diagnostic device manufacturer

Monetizing visual content through AI technology

A research-based software that helps students engage in critical thinking

Dual immunotherapy cancer treatment


Our diverse team of investment professionals sources, screens, and selects early stage companies - drawing on our vast network of early stage companies and venture partners.
Invest via a Syndicate
We manage the investment process and form and manage Plum Alley syndicates so members can pool their money for greater muscle and returns.
Build Your Personal Portfolio
Members decide whether or not to invest and control the amount they want to contribute per company so they can build their own custom portfolio of multiple companies.
Expand Your Knowledge
We offer inspirational and thought-provoking discussions and insights around innovation and investing through our proprietary Inside View sessions and private salons.
Experience Value Beyond Investment Dollars
Expand your network and share your expertise and values while you invest. As a part of this vibrant community of investors and industry leaders, you’ll help advance Plum Alley syndicate companies.


“We have cultivated a diverse community of change-makers, women and men, executives, industry leaders and influencers, founders and funders who are seeking to invest in forward looking companies that are changing the world in a positive way.”
Deborah Jackson
Expertise helping companies raise public and private capital for more than two decades with an industry focus in health care and technology. Active early stage investor for over a decade. Recognized as a leader in venture and championing women entrepreneurs having won numerous industry awards.
Andrea Turner Moffitt
Experienced investment banker with more than a decade raising capital for companies. Industry experience covering technology companies. Former hedge fund analyst and early stage investor. Recognized thought leader on women investors. Author of global research and book on high net worth investors.

What our members are saying

“One of the advantages that Plum Alley brings is that they really curate the selection process. They only bring us quality deals. And I know that. When I get something from Plum Alley I know to pay attention. I look at every single one. Because I know that it’s going to be worth my time.”
Corporate Boards: Seventh Generation, Fronteir Communications, Serta-Simmons, Kraft/Mondelez
Former Global CMO; Godiva Chocolateir - Former President
“I’ve been involved in finance for a long time, but I’ve never been involved in investing in really interesting start-up companies before. You can be as involved as you want to be. You can bring in your own resources. You can make suggestions. You can ask questions. So, you can actually have input.”
Corporate Director: Citigroup Inc., Sotheby's, Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Chair of Board: Accion, Hudson River Park Trust
“One of the real advantages of Plum Alley is that you have access to the executives and the boards that actually run these businesses. And you don’t have that when you make investments in a public company or an ETF. Your money is there – but you are not.”
Bloomberg L.P., Global Head of Client Risk and Internal Audit
“We’re not just investing in a pool of companies, we have choice and that choice that we make is influenced by the people we’re able to speak to and the questions we’re able to ask them.”
Business Owner, Elected Town Rep. of Greenwich, CT


  • Early look at investment syndicates with opportunity to help anchor them
  • Attend special private dinners with other game changers and entrepreneurs
  • Priority invite to all Inside View sessions, an interactive experience that puts members at the forefront of innovation with thought leaders from Fortune 500 companies and VCs.
  • One additional membership for a family member (spouse, daughter, son) or mentee
  • Public recognition as Game Changer, select press and speaking opportunities
  • Access to private member portion of site, showcases, salons and members/investors
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  • Invest in multiple Plum Alley syndicates
  • Attend one Plum Alley Inside View each year
  • Access to private member portion of site, showcases, salons and members/investors
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