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We have a ticking time bomb with climate change and environmental destruction. Rising temperatures, extreme weather patterns, and rising oceans are already destroying delicate ecosystems, our food supply, and air and water quality.
Plum Alley's Green Wave Fund is investing in the technologies and innovations that help to prevent our extinction.
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Greenwave Background

There are solutions.

Investing in technology solutions requires both know how and the right connections. Pratibha Vuppuluri, the General Partner of our Green Wave Capital Fund has been investing in the climate sector for two decades in companies like BlocPower, EpiBone and Air Protein; using new technologies for meaningful results.

This is an explosive time with different technologies coming together - data and AI, sensors and insights, robots and efficiency. This brings unimagined and exponential positive change.
Optimism is our state of mind.
To survive environmental threats, we need to think and act differently. We need to bring to bear new ideas and inventions from bold and brilliant women founders and gender diverse teams from all backgrounds. Plum Alley's Green Wave Capital fund will invest in a range of companies and solutions so LPs get diversification of technologies and innovation solutions.

The focus is on sectors that will lead to the most change given the most severe threats.
Green Wave will find investments with a focus on these areas:
Food & Agriculture

Agriculture accounts for 10-12% of worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, a figure on par with the entire transportation sector. Notably, around 70% of these emissions stem from practices related to agricultural soils and methane production by livestock. Green Wave Capital recognizes substantial prospects for both value creation and GHG emission reduction throughout the agricultural value chain. This includes leveraging sensors, robotics, and artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency of traditional farming methods, transforming large-scale food production methods, and developing alternatives to carbon-heavy food sources, such as plant-based meat and dairy substitutes. We are keenly interested in exploring investment opportunities within this sector that promise to lower GHG emissions and minimize toxins in our ecosystem.

Energy Transition

Green Wave Capital is convinced that solar photovoltaics (PV) and offshore wind energy are set to lead the renewable energy sector in the forthcoming decades. Alongside this, we also see promising investment potential in novel technologies that offer renewable baseload energy solutions, especially those with a modular design ranging from 1 to 20 MW. Our interest extends to innovations that not only enhance but also integrate seamlessly with the existing value chains of solar PV and offshore wind, covering aspects from component production to installation and maintenance services. Moreover, we are enthusiastic about the potential of emerging technologies capable of delivering continuous baseload power and/or on-demand energy. This includes advancements in converting low-temperature waste heat into electricity, small-scale solar thermal technologies, and innovative modular biofuel systems.

Mobility & Urbanization

The sector dedicated to the efficient transportation of people and goods is undergoing rapid transformation, marked by developments from autonomous vehicles to innovative last-mile delivery solutions. Significant advancements in battery energy density are propelling the electrification of various modes of transport and machinery previously deemed unfeasible, including last-mile delivery robots, electric aircraft, long-range drones, and heavy-duty mining equipment. Furthermore, the integration of advanced navigational sensors with artificial intelligence is paving the way for the autonomous transit of both individuals and items. Green Wave Capital views the profound shifts occurring within this sector as a fertile ground for enticing investment opportunities in both technology and services.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

The transition towards a low-carbon, circular economy necessitates advancements in manufacturing and materials science, ensuring products are created using minimal energy and resources. This encompasses the entire product manufacturing value chain, from intelligent design and production processes to efficient logistics and value chain management. The advent of emerging technologies, such as additive manufacturing and AI-driven product design, signals a transformative shift in how products are made, differing significantly from traditional methods. Green Wave Capital anticipates that this evolution will unveil numerous compelling investment opportunities.

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Pratibha Vuppuluri

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General Partner, PA Green Wave Capital

Investment Banker. Operator. Climate Tech Investor.

Partners are everything.

Change can only occur with the buy-in, collaboration with industry and the tools of technology that can drive meaningful results.  Green Wave will access the broad network of corporations, foundations and investors in the extended Plum Alley network to bring solutions and the companies across the portfolio for success.

LPs in the Fund are investing in some of the most essential companies to protect our future health and prosperity. These technologies matter. These companies matter. Women founders will be able to have their brilliant ideas come to life for the benefit of everyone.

Solutions rooted in technological advancements can achieve health, nutrition, stable industries and global prosper

A selection of Climate Tech Resources: Authored by our very own Pratibha Vuppuluri

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