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We bring distinct value to our entrepreneurs

“Vital Vio’s opportunity is to incorporate our continuous disinfection technology across multiple diverse markets, with the goal of reducing costly and deadly infections. That requires getting people up and down the supply chain to think differently about the power and potential of lighting. Plum Alley has been an invaluable investor in that quest, making pivotal introductions to prospective customers and partners. Plum Alley’s unique model, including our shared goal of advancing women in technology, has allowed us to tap into their diverse network of syndicate investors,”

Colleen Costello | Founder and CEO, Vital Vio.

"Every investment means a great deal, but there is something special about winning the confidence of a group of world-class professionals and the large network of very smart women and men Plum Alley has brought together.”

Eileen Murphy | Founder and CEO, ThinkCERCA

Our Investment focus

Diversity - Gender diverse founding teams or in the C-suite with significant equity stake
Innovation - Companies that should exist in the world because their product, service or culture is designed with a unique or new lens and makes a positive contribution
Growth/Traction - Live product with revenue production, milestones, sales, and an established track record
Financing - Series A financing with lead investor secured, late seed and Series B financing will be considered on a select basis; Raising $3-15mm in equity financing priced round (will consider convertible note financing on a select basis).
Industries - Our focus is always evolving but today we are interested in consumer, enterprise, education, healthcare, marketplaces, media, technology and wearable tech.

Plum Alley is genuinely committed to growing our ecosystem of female and gender diverse team founders, and hearing from companies driving meaningful change and innovation within their industries. Reach out to us below to refer a company, or tell us more about your own.

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